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December 14 2014

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Details from Elie Saab Haute Couture Spring 2014.

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Sasha @ Emporio Armani Fall 2012

December 13 2014

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Wheedled my flatmate into cutting and dyeing my hair. I was kinda surprised how much I like my natural color too? I’ve had bottle colors for such a long time I’d kinda forgotten what it actually looks like.

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cupid and psyche as children

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i just figured out how 2 read bass clef for piano and im :’)

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Xiao @ Anna Sui Spring 2013

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detail from Francesco Hayez, Il consiglio alla vendetta (Vengeance) (1851).

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Laus Veneris, Edward Burne Jones

Hi i just woke up

(there’s rose petals,
blossoms of honeysuckle,
willow trees)
you feel home.
in your gut,
you know you belong here.
a place where elegance, power, youth
are cherished and taken to the grave-
with bleeding lips and a broken jaw,
still you know this warmth
glows within you.
a power,
an intelligence,
a light.
oceans have bitten at your ankles,
storms have pulled your hair.
fire has burned your skin one too many times.
the air you breathe poisons your lungs.
a routine of seasons,
monotony and suffering
make this your home
a repetition of life and death,
good and bad,
feed your soul,
the wolves in your spirit.
you are more than elegance,
you are more than power,
and more than youth.
you are all and more than that-
you have tamed tidal waves and hurricanes and you have shed
bone and blood
to find this is your home.
and you,
(the wolves),
— (via iukiuu)
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Le Irreplaceable

George Barbier, Le Soir (1924) / Irreplaceable, Beyonce

You write of the journey Silvius’ father made to immortal realms 

although he stayed a mortal witness, in his corruptible body. That the Opponent of all evil bestowed such favor on him befits him, chosen for glory 

By highest heaven to be the father of Rome and of Rome’s empire- later established holy, seat of great peter’s heir. You say he came to that immortal world, and things he learned there led to the papal mantle- and triumph for him.

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